Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not much going on here

It has been a pretty good month, not much going on here. Brayden has started with coughing and lots of congestion this week again but, that seems to be an ongoing thing with him. Therapy has been going well. He is moving around a lot more and will roll over now. He can scoot himself across the floor by pushing with his feet and moving his head. With help he can get up on his knees and move his legs like he is crawling but he doesn't want to bear weight on his arms. He still doesn't have any control over his arms and he usually will not purposefully activate a toy by using his arms or hands. He tries really hard but it is like he has no control over his arms. He can wave bye-bye with his hands and hold a toy for a short period of time. He is constantly laughing, jabbering, or smiling. He loves going to school and jabbers about it everyday when I ask him about school. He is still eating well by mouth and I have recently been working with him using a sippy cup drinking liquids. Some days he does well with liquids and others he can't tolerate it at all. He is tolerating his wheelchair much better now and doesn't fight the headrest as much as he did before. He has figured out how to get down from the recliner or couch without falling off and hurting himself. He will scoot his butt down to the edge of the seat until his feet reach the floor and then he will slide his butt down the chair and onto the floor then he will slowly fall over to one side. He has done this many times and he thinks that it is funny to do this. We are glad warmer temperatures are here because Brayden loves being outside. Hope everyone has a great Easter!

Shopping Trip at the Outlet Mall

St. Patricks Day at School

Monday, March 8, 2010

We have been busy either being sick or just doing the everyday things. We are still fighting with the sinus issues, congestion, runny nose, couging. It seems like at least one of us here has been sick every week all winter. Wishing spring would hurry up and get here! Brayden is home from school today due to being sick. Brayden has been doing well despite being sick most of the time.

We are still waiting on getting a stander, we have ordered it but still waiting. We are looking at getting Brayden a new bed. He is getting so tall he will soon be too big for his baby bed. He has also been moving around more and tends to get his legs stuck in the rails of his baby bed. We are looking for a special needs bed with solid rails so he cant fall out or get stuck in the rails. If anyone has any ideas on a good bed just leave me a comment on here or email it to me jacobs1127@yahoo.com

Hope today is a good sign that spring is coming!

Brayden waving Bye-Bye