Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yeah! No School

First week of no school and Brayden has to be sick. He is feeling better now but still has coughing and congestion. We were at the lake Sat and Sun and he had a good time despite feeling so crummy. We are going to have some fun this summer and sleep late every day!

We have started back on Baclofen along with the Artane to help with his tone. I missed our appt with the rehab clinic and the next available one isn't until July 20th. We are going to see about getting botox again in his hamstrings to help with his tone. Waiting 2 months for an appointment aggravates me.

Our nursing hours are being whittled down to 16 hours a week thanks to GAPP who says he doesn't need nursing care. Yeah, you come take care of him for a day and you'll change your mind really quickly. Not even going to get started on that subject.

We hope to have all the sickness out of the way! We are ready to have some fun in the sun!****Happy Summer******

Thursday, May 12, 2011

F*** You GAPP

The whole medicaid system disgusts me, especially the Georgia Pediatric Nursing Program. GAPP is Georgia Medicaids medical service program for in home nursing care. Since Brayden is no longer on oxygen he does not qualify for home nursing care. Really??? A quadraplegic with a feeding tube, who has cortical blindness, can not talk, and the cognitive development of a 3 month old does not qualify for home nursing care!!! Oh the things I wish upon those people!