Sunday, December 14, 2008

Brayden having surgery tomorrow

Brayden is having surgery tomorrow. He will be getting his new feeding tube (Mickey Button) and they will be looking at his throat to see if his trach can try to come out at some point. They want him to keep the trach during the winter even if everything looks good with his throat, due to him being sick alot. We just hope everything looks good so we can work toward getting the trach removed. Brayden is feeling much better now. He had a right lower lobe infiltrate and was put on an atibiotic. He is so much better now. I finally posted up some pictures from the birthday party!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Brayden is 2 Years Old!!!!!!

Its hard to believe that Brayden is already 2 years old. We had a nice birthday party for him yesterday. Pawpaw even came dressed as Santa Claus. He even tasted a little of the the cake. Even though he wasn't feeling well, he had a good time. We are going to the doctor today since Brayden is still sick and seems to be getting worse. Hopefully they can get him cleared up and this won't interfere with his surgery scheduled next week. We have waited long enough for this so everyone pray for Brayden to get better. I will post up some pictures from the party later.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

We have some good news! Brayden is finally scheduled for his surgery on December 15. It is a day surgery so he won't have to stay overnight. They will be looking at his throat to see if his the swelling has gone down enough so that his trach can be taken out. If he has some scar tissue there they will remove it at that time. They are also going to put in a different feeding tube while he under the anesthesia. He seems to be swallowing ok but they still dont want anything by mouth until his throat has been rechecked. He will have to learn how to eat all over again anyway. The wont remove his trach at this time but we will know if his throat has healed. If everything looks good with his throat he will be able to get the trach taken out at soon. We are hoping that everything looks good so he can hurry up and get the trach taken out. Brayden has been sick still with coughing and runny nose. He did get to eat some Thanksgiving dinner, I pureed him some turkey, dressing, green beans, and sweet potatoes and gave it to him through his feeding tube. We are all sick of turkey now after eating so much of it. More good news is that the DFCS has closed their case they had with us. I guess hiring a lawyer took care of them. Brayden really likes the Christmas tree and the christmas lights. Braydens birthday is on Monday Dec. 8th, He will be 2. We are having his birthday party on Sunday.