Thursday, June 26, 2008

Continuing with HBOT

Brayden continues doing his Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments (soft chanmber). He is doing well with them. He is now holding his head up pretty good, and even turning his head from side to side at times. He will turn his head and look when he hears things now. He is still having the neurostorms but the ativan is working well and usually calms him down pretty quickly. Not much else going on with him right now. We cant wait until his Physical Therapy gets started. They are supposed to come out and evaluate him on July 3rd. So hopefully things will continue to go well and he will continue to make more improvements.

Monday, June 16, 2008

We have started Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

We have started a mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Brayden has been to 3 treatments. The mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy uses less pressure and oxygen than regular hyperbaric oxygen therapy but it is close to our home and it was affordable. We are still trying to raise money so Brayden can get regular hyperbaric oxygen treatmens. Brayden seems to be improving some. He can now hold his head up for a little while and he seems to be more alert now. He still continues having his neurostorms but the ativan is working pretty well to help calm him down. We are going for another HBOT today. I will try to update more often, as I am not finding much time to post. Please check out the link on the right to hugs for near drown children Brayden is the Child of the month on their website : )

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Still Storming

Brayden is still having neurostorms. More frequently than before now. The only thing that helps is giving him ativan, which makes him sleep all the time. He has been crying alot, nothing seems to ease him. I just feel so helpless because nothing seems to help but knocking him out with the ativan. He finally got his bath seat so now he can take a bath in the bathtub!!!! We are still trying to raise money for his HBOT. Brayden went on his first outing on Friday. He went to see his pediatrician for a follow up since his hospital discharge. We are only getting nurses 12 hours a day at nights now from 7pm to 7am. Between all the other things I have to do and taking care of him, I am totally exhausted. I will try to update more often but I am finding very little time to do things now.