Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brayden has been sick

Brayden has been sick with a stomach virus. He has been very fussy, spitting up alot, and vomiting some too. He has been very agitated and seems to be in alot of pain with his little tummy. But he did give me some smiles tonight when I was playing with him. Hopefully this will pass quickly and he will be feeling better really soon. I have been in contact with Miracle Mountain about Brayden going for HBOT in September. They had 1 space left and I sent off the paperwork today, hopefully he will be able to go. The only reserve your space after they receive your deposit, so we hope it gets there before anyone else's does. Friday is Big Brother Evan's Birthday, he will be an old man of 14. Happy Birthday Evan! Brayden's car show is coming up soon too, Saturday September 6th.

Brayden sitting up in his bumbo chair!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Brayden feeling better now

Brayden is finally feeling better and looking much better now. Brayden had an allergic reaction to triple antibiotic ointment that we put on his face, for the blisters from his sunburn. Here is a pic of before the ointment was applied and after the ointment was applied.

He has been smiling alot the past few days and almost laughing at times. He wants to get up so bad, he gets mad because he cant go anywhere. He did manage to roll or scoot his way off of his mat he usually lays on. I never saw how he kept getting off of it. He is moving his head side to side and tracking more with his eyes. He will follow you if you are just walking by him and don't even say anything. He is also more relaxed now and even straightens out his right leg. We are still doing the mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the soft chamber. Hopefully, we will start doing the hard chamber treatments with 100% oxygen soon. Many thanks to everyone who donated money to help with this and thanks again to everyone who helped out with the ride. Brayden's next benefit is the Car show in Chattanooga, on Sept. 6th.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Braydens Ride

Braydens benefit ride was great, we raised $2,060. Thanks to everyone who helped with the ride, the carwash, and the food. We had a total of 42 bikes in the ride. Thanks to the pathfinders youth group from Apison Seventh Day Adventists Church, they washed a lot of cars today. Thanks to Ringgold City police for their escorts through the intersections on Alabama Hwy. Thanks to Walgreens for letting us set up the ride there. Brayden had a good day and enjoyed being at the ride even though he did get a pretty good sunburn today.

Pictures from Benefit Ride

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ready for the Ride

Brayden trying on his glasses, and smiling for his nurse Catherine.
We hope the benefit ride is a huge success! Thanks to everyone who has helped out with the ride and to everyone who participates.