Sunday, November 29, 2009

Feeling Better Finally

We are finally feeling better after being sick for almost a month. Keeping our fingers crossed that it stays that way. We had a great Thanksgiving and are still working on left overs which we are pretty much done with now. Brayden enjoyed a few bites of some Thanksgiving dinner himself. He hasn't been doing very well with swallowing since being sick. We put up the Christmas tree and Brayden loves it. He loves the lights. Brayden's birthday is sneaking up on us. He will be 3 on Dec. 8th. When he turns 3 Babies can't wait program (they do all of his therapies) will no longer be seeing him and he will be transitioned into the school system. Since he has special needs he can start pre-k when he is 3. We have decided to send him to a special pre-k where he can get some therapy there and also be around other kids (he will love that part). Hoping that he can just stay well enough to go school more often than not. Hopefully he will be starting in Jan after Christmas Break. Not much else going on here. Getting ready to get back to therapies after being sick for so long and catching up with missed doctors appointments.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Have been feeling too crummy to post lately

Wearing a mask at doctor's office so I don't pick up any other sickness floating around there.

Brayden is sick again this is the third time being on antibiotics since we got back from our trip to Miracle Mtn. Recurring Strep and sinus infections. I don't know how someone so small can have so many secretions. We are hoping this time the antibiotics work. Brayden has been fussy and coughing, coughing, coughing. But, 1 good thing is that his lungs sound clear so, it is all upper respiratory stuff.

I have also been sick for about 1 month. I went back to the Dr. today and found out I have pneumonia. Between me and Brayden one of us is always coughing. Nothing much else has been going on beside us being sick. We really haven't gotten to do any therapy or much of anything. Hope we are feeling better soon especially for Thanksgiving. Evan and Kaitlyn are out of school all that week so got to get feeling better soon!