Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brayden has been sick

Brayden has been sick with a stomach virus. He has been very fussy, spitting up alot, and vomiting some too. He has been very agitated and seems to be in alot of pain with his little tummy. But he did give me some smiles tonight when I was playing with him. Hopefully this will pass quickly and he will be feeling better really soon. I have been in contact with Miracle Mountain about Brayden going for HBOT in September. They had 1 space left and I sent off the paperwork today, hopefully he will be able to go. The only reserve your space after they receive your deposit, so we hope it gets there before anyone else's does. Friday is Big Brother Evan's Birthday, he will be an old man of 14. Happy Birthday Evan! Brayden's car show is coming up soon too, Saturday September 6th.

Brayden sitting up in his bumbo chair!!!


Liz and Ashleigh said...

Wow what fantastic head and neck control, and such a cute smile. Well done Brayden

Bethany said...

Shannon, Ethan is going to the September session at Miracle Mountain! I hope you guys get in!