Monday, January 5, 2009

Near drowning awareness

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Uncle Brian's Cryin' Out Loud said...

Brayden's parents;
Please don't undersell your son's abilities. Things will be tougher than normal but not impossible. How, you're probably asking, could someone even pretend to know? Granted, I only know of my own case, but it seems enough related to your's to hazard a little bit of a conjecture. While having years and degrees of separation, based on my having fallen in Lake Winnebago,in Wisconsin, during May 1957,while I was 19 months old, and the water temperature was much cooler than your pool -- I hope a short synopsis of my case can help.
While it has just recently dawned on me, with the help of some neuro-psych testing in 2009 and some talks with counselors since, I had some balance issues that I can now predict were likely somewhat related to not having oxygen for the few minutes involved. Luckily, I had been toddling around a pier with slightly older kids and one of their parents had gone to what was then called rescue breathing training. I survived but in years following had trouble riding bikes and having good balance. I once fell climbing over a fence and happened to break both bones in my left wrist. Later I had troubles in being athletic, despite efforts. I now realize I had some limits I was not totally aware. It will be difficult, but try to let Brayden approach whatever limits he has. While it was frustrating at the time, I can now be rather satisfied to have just graduated college, with less concern that it took eight years and I could never quite figure out whether I wanted to be in the travel industry or wind up in sports reporting, which I did. It was not that bad an experience as I was lucky to meet many celebrities and even won some reporting prizes that can be verified via a web search for Brian Liebenstein + ONPA. Though it might seem heart-breaking at a point or two for parents, based on some thinking back to my parents' reactions to varied events, it can all work out. Having some faith, via a church environment and more support groups has helped me. I do pray there is something similar for Brayden as he grows. I am sure there are better help facilities than there were in the 1960s-70's so keep your heads heavenward. Be strong for Brayden and BLess you all. BL (Brian Liebenstein)