Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Brayden has been doing good,and is feeling much better now. We have been working on Braydens Benefit Ride. We now have 2 bands that are coming, Joint Effort and Mountain Cove. We have almost everything ready and have given out tons of flyers. We hope to see everyone at the ride. Even if you don't ride a motorcycle, come out and have lunch with us. Listen to some music. We have more tables, chairs and some tents this year so there will be some shade. Brayden had OT and PT today and did very well. He got to ride on a tricycle with lots of help from his PT. He was all tuckered out after doing both OT and PT today and took him a good little nap. Brayden got his quilt made from it is so cute done all in Cars. It goes perfect with his room. Thanks to all of the stitchers at love quilts for making Brayden such a nice quilt.

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