Monday, December 14, 2009

First Day of School

Brayden's first day of school was today. He did very well and loved being around the other kids. He is in a very small class being the 5th student in the class. He has 1 teacher and 2 para pros in the class. He is the only student in his class with a wheelchair but there are a few other students with wheelchairs at the school. He had a blast when they went to to the gym. Another class was also playing in the gym and he had about 10 little girls pushing his wheelchair around the gym and singing songs to him. I stayed with him all day and we left a little early because he was worn out. He will be riding the bus in the morning. Hope that it goes well. We are hoping that he will stay well and be able to go to school more often than not. This is the last week before Christmas vacation so we will see how everything goes. Hope my big boy has a good day at school tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

He looks so happy in the pictures, I hope everything goes good.
it will be good for him to be around other kids, and the therapy he needs will be everyday. Tell him Nannie loves him and I hope he has a good day at school.