Thursday, April 18, 2013

Surgery was a success

Brayden's Baclofen pump surgery went well and we are home now. He is still very sore with the incisions on his back and stomach. He doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain just very sore especially around the pump site. He can start sitting up some today as he has been laying flat for the last 6 days. He only had his pump turned up one time and he is already less stiff than with the oral Baclofen. He has been glued to the tv since we got home because he couldn't see the tv on the wall laying flat in his hospital bed. He missed 5 days worth of cartoons! We are also weaning him off of his artane because they think he doesn't need it now. So the only medicines he will get now are his Prevacid and melatonin at night. So the pump was a good decision. I just wished someone would have done it sooner instead of all the medicine trials that didn't work. He is one tough cookie!

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Clarisse La Rue said...

I hope that he'll get better sooner than expected! God bless!