Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brayden had an ok day today. He has been crying alot today. We have had the speaking valve on his trach today and we can actually hear him crying. After not hearing any sounds from him for over a month it is nice to hear him crying. We were only approved for inpatient Rehab in the hospital for 7 days. We did not get approved for Rehab any more so he will be switched back over to medical status in the hospital. Brayden will now only get 1 and 1/2 hours of therapy a day. That is 30 minutes a day for each discipline speech, occupational and physical therapy. Makes you wonder what the hell kind of monsters run insurance companies these days. You have a child who is walking and talking and eating all on their own and then he can't even hold his own head up, speak or eat and he only qualifies for 7 days of inpatient rehab. What is wrong with this system????? It seems to me that if a child has a brain injury that the insurance compainies want them to remain that way instead of getting them the therapy that they really need. We will hopefully be going home next week. We are just waiting on the insurance to approve home nursing care and to get all of his medical equipment delivered. Brayden did get fitted for a custom wheelchair today, it will take about 4 months before we get it though. But we have the one donated to us from a patient at my work PSA. It was only used one time and is in mint condition. I cant say thanks enough to them for letting us have it. When Brayden no longer needs it we will donate it to someone else who may need it. So right now we are just trying to get all of our training done at the hospital they mandate us to have before he can go home. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a Doctor at HyOX the hyperbaric Oxygen treatment center. We are trying to find a hyperbaric oxygen chamber clinic to take Brayden to once he comes home. This therapy has great results with brain injuries but is not approved for use with brain injuries in the US. So insurance will not cover the cost of this therapy. I am going to set up a fund for Braydens medical expenses because we will need alot of help so he can get these treatments. They are very, very expensive. I will have more information up on here later if you would like to make a donation.

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we are goning to find a way to get brayden the care he need. private care is usually beter then pulic outlets anyway. let me know what i can do to help with raising some funds to help with the financial burdens.