Saturday, September 20, 2008

Update on Brayden

Brayden has been doing pretty well the past few weeks. He has been able to wear his passy muir valve (speaking and swallowing valve) on his trach all day long. He is able to breathe air in through his trach but he has to breathe out through his mouth or nose with the valve on. He is also able to make sounds and able to cough stuff up instead of all of his air and secretions coming out of his trach site. This is a great accomplishment compared to only a few weeks ago he couldn't even keep it on for a few minutes without coughing so hard and struggling so hard to breathe out with it on he would just pop the valve right off of his trach. He has been making gooing sounds all the time with it on and he makes sure we can hear those loud cries when he gets fussy. We were having to suction his trach many times an hour but now since he is wearing the passy muir valve, we don't even need to suction him at all. He is able to cough up any secretions and his is swallowing pretty well. Hopefully this is a good sign that the trach will soon be gone. Brayden has been feeling alot better since we started him on an antibiotic for his g-tube site (feeding tube) which looked infected. His g-tube site is looking much better now too, it was all red and irritated and I think alot of his fussiness was due to pain from his g-tube site. He is starting to be able to move around alot more now too. He is kicking his legs now and he is also lifting his head very well when he is on his tummy. He can scoot around and push himself off of his mat we lay him on while he is on the floor especially when he is mad or fussy. He loves to sit in dads recliner and has really taken it over but now he has figured out how to scoot and push his way down to get out of it. He wants to walk so bad he can stand it. He will stand up and while you are holding him and get so mad because he can't hold himself up. He has started to push his knees up when he is on his tummy too and he has started to roll a little bit when he is laying down. He can roll over by himself if he gets mad enough but if he isn't fussy he can't quite make it. He has his good days and bad days and we just take things one day at a time because we never know what to expect. He enjoyed his sisters birthday yesterday, he even tasted a litte dab of icing and ice cream. He has been really sweet and calm all day today and able to wear his passy muir valve all day today. He has been smiling and gooing all day. We are excited about going to Miracle Mountain for HBOT. We will be leaving on Sept. 28th and gone through Oct. 21st. Thanks to everyone for their donations who have made it possible for Brayden to be able to receive these treatments.

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