Friday, October 10, 2008

We are halfway done with HBOT

We have done 20 treatments of HBOT now. Brayden has been very fussy and doesn't like the change in his schedule and not being at home. He also does not like wearing the hood on his head while we are in the hyperbaric chamber. He starts fussing as soon as he sees it coming. We can't wait until the treatments are done so we can come home. We do 2 treatments a day 1 at 7:30 and 1 at 11:30. and we do sound therapy 2 x a day for 30 minute sessions each. Curtis and the kids came to visit for the weekend so maybe Brayden will cheer up some. Mom and Pawpaw are worn out because Brayden has decided not to sleep much while we are here. So maybe things will calm down since Brayden is getting more used to doing the treatments. I haven't had time to update because things have been so hectic here. We also do not have any service on our cell phones here so I can't get calls or make calls. We will be done on Oct 21with all of the treatments. Things are going well except all of the fussing from Brayden. Hopefully though this means that things are going to get better.


Anonymous said...

Shannon - we continue to pray for you daily. I'll pass this site on to the hundreds of Katherine's prayer partners who have also been praying for Brayden. Hang in there!


Anonymous said...

I hope and pray we get good results on friday 10-31-08 at
Brayden's Dr visit. Nannie is taking off work to go with you & Brayden and I hope the two of you are feeling better. Sorry, you have been sick since you got back from NC