Monday, October 27, 2008

We are home and Brayden is feeling much better now

Brayden enjoying his bath
Miralce Mountain Facility
Brayden doing oxysound harmonics
Here we are coming out of the chamber
Hyperbaric chamber
I haven't posted since we came home from Miracle Mountain because we have been sick and very busy, since getting home. We came home last Tuesday Night, Brayden was not feeling well. He was fairly good on the trip home but, started feeling really bad that night. He went to the doctor on Wednesday, he was running a fever, had a runny nose and cough. He had a pretty bad ear infection. We started him on antibiotics and he is feeling much better now. He is back to feeling good again with smiles all the time and no fussing. I just wonder if his ear was bothering him the whole time we were at the hyperbaric chamber. Brayden is much more relaxed now and not as stiff as as before we went to hbot. He is focusing really well with his eyes and the both seem to be going in the same direction now most of the time. He can definantly see now. He will watch you and start smiling at things he sees. He is making more sounds now and at times it seems like he is trying to talk. We go to the GI doctor on Thursday and to the ENT doctor on Friday. We are hoping that we can start getting things ready for his trach to come out. He is doing so well now. He is swallowing now so hopefully we can get a swallow study done to see if he can start taking some things by mouth. He is holding his head up very good now, too. Everyone is amazed at how well he is doing compared to when he first came home. We have scheduled to go back to Miracle Mountain in April for 40 more hbot treatments. We are going to continue doing the soft chamber treatments until we go back. We just hope that he continues to make progress and that he can get his trach out very soon.

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