Saturday, November 22, 2008

Finally an Update

Not much has been going on since I last posted. We have heard that DFCS is wanting to close our case now. Someone from the Governors office is doing an investigation into the case and the Bartow County DFCS. Brayden is still sick and can't seem to get over his cough and cold. No news yet on getting the trach removed either. Both Doctors can't seem to get their stuff together to arrange a date for his throat to be looked at and his new feeding tube put in. Brayden did get his stander and likes it pretty well. He has been kinda fussy lately due to being sick and getting aggrevated with coughing. We are ready to eat some good food on Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Holiday!!!!

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos of Brayden. His smile just lights up everything. His face is very expressive. I am so thrilled for you with how well he is progressing. He looks great in his stander.

Liz and Ashleigh