Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Update on harassment

We have decided to hire a lawyer to help deal with the Department of Family and Childrens Services. How ironic that an agency who is supposed to be helping Brayden is probably going to end up costing us money we do not have. Money that could be well spent on care or treatments to help Brayden. I have also sent letters to government officials regarding the harassment to see if anyone can help to resolve this matter.Who else do you ask for help when you are being harassed by a state or government agency? I received a call from the governors office saying that someone from the Department of Human Resources was going to investigate the matter. So hopefully we can get something resolved. Brayden has been doing very well and continues to be all smiley and happy even laughing out loud at times. Even though he still has a runny nose and cough he has been in good spirits. He finally got his swing for in the house from his Physical Therapist. He likes it pretty well. He also really likes his new wheelchair and is tolerating sitting in it very well. I will try to post some more pictures up here soon.

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