Sunday, September 27, 2009

Doing HBOT at Miracle Mountain

We made it to Miracle Mountain. We had a good trip with Brayden sleeping most of the way here. He was entertained watching his Nick Jr. cartoons when he wasn't sleeping. Sure beats the days of when he wouldn't even ride in a carseat without trying to stand on his head. We are doing another 40 sessions of HBOT here at Miracle Mountain. Other than being worn out from packing the whole, driving here, unpacking the house and then going to walmart for groceries, we are doing good. The weather is much cooler here though, we had to wear our jackets tonight. Brayden has been in a good mood all day and didn't even fuss while we were at Walmart. I will update with some pics as soon as I find where I put the camera. We hope everything goes well on this trip. We hope the 3 weeks and 2 days we are here flys by. Hopefully Evan and Kaitlyn will get to come visit us.

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Anonymous said...

Great you guys are at Miracle Mtn. I wish we had places like that here in Australia. I will be looking forward to seeing ho he goes as his progress has been great so far.

Liz and Ashleigh