Friday, October 9, 2009

HBOT going well

We have done 22 hbot sessions so far and everything is going well. Brayden has been excellent. We both have both been really sleepy and sleeping a lot. We have met some other very nice families while here and some really awesome kids. We started doing the Oxy-Sound Harmonics (Auditory Integration Training) this week. We are at the center for our 1 hour session of hbot and then 30 minutes of sound; we do each one twice a day. Brayden has been making some more sounds than usual, no words but a lot of jabbering going on. Brayden has enjoyed going outside in the afternoons and he enjoys seeing the cat that has been coming to visit us outside. We cant wait to go home. We miss being home and Brayden misses his Bubba and Sissy. Here are a few pics that we have taken.

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