Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Has it really been that long?

I haven't posted in a while so I thought I would give everyone an update. Brayden is doing well since having his tonsils and adenoids removed. He no longer has the rattly, wheezing that always made him sound like he was sick. He no longer requires to wear oxygen at night, his oxygen levels have been great. He has only been sick a few times this winter vs. being sick from fall to spring. His swallowing has also greatly improved. He is doing much better health wise and has even gained some weight.

We have been doing some changes with his medicines, he is no longer taking baclofen and is taking a new medicine called Artane. Not really sure if it is going to work though. He is moving around a lot more taking the new medicine and being more verbal but, he is also very stiff. We will see what they say when we follow up at the Rehab Clinic.

He enjoys school and continues to be his usual always happy, smiling, laughing self. He had a great birthday and Christmas and rang in the New Year with all smiles. We are just continuing with his regular therapies at this time and hope for some new improvements this year. We have discovered that he can activate a switch with his head to make choices of things. We hope to work on that more this year.

We are going to have a swallow study done tomorrow just to make sure everything is going where it should since having his tonsils removed. He seems to be swallowing fine but we just want to be sure. He has progressed some and is eating stage 3 baby foods now. I think this has been hindered some by the medication changes because he now has his tonic bite reflex back. (Tonic bite reflex is jaw closure accomplished by forceful, sustained upward movement of the mandible. It occurs following stimulation of the teeth or gums. It is accompanied by increased abnormal tone in the jaw muscles. It is difficult to release. Damage to the teeth or to the object placed in the mouth may occur. The tonic bite increases if the item is pulled on.) He will clamp down on anything put in his mouth even his fingers.

We hope to see some new improvements this year and I will try to update more often.
Here are some pics!

RIP Peanut, Feb 2008 - Jan 2011. You will be missed!

The new babies

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