Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Brayden contiues to improve

Brayden continues doing his HBOT in the soft chamber. He has done 14 treatments so far. He is now holding his head up pretty well and he is turning head to sounds. He is moving his arms more now and grasping things with his hands. His hands are more relaxed now. This is a great improvement for the tight balled fists he has had. His right side still remains very tight and flexed up most of the time but we are woking on stretching him out. Brayden started on a new medicine a Catapres patch, it seems to relax him alot more and he is now relaxing his right arm more. We have good days and bad days with the storming. Yesterday was a bad day with storming almost all day but today has been a good day. We are still trying to raise money for Brayden to get HBOT in a hard chamber, we havent really gotten anything yet. The benefit ride and carwash for Brayden is scheduled for August. Brayden has been smiling more now and that is the best thing of all. The picture is one of him smiling and laughing before his accident.

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