Monday, July 28, 2008

Really Tired

Once again the nurse did not show up again. It seems everytime we have something to do the nurse does not show up. We have to be in Atlanta at 8:30 in the morning for a Neurologist appt. so we will have to leave our house about 6:00 am to beat rush hour traffic and make it there on time. So I am staying up most of the night and having to get up at 5:00am to get ready to go. I have a full schedule of things I have to do tomorrow when we get back, so no time for naps. The nurse who usually stays here on Tuesdays will not be coming back because she was caught sleeping several times. So we probably will not have a nurse again tomorrow night. I feel like I can't get a break. Brayden has been very fussy, he is teething getting 4 teeth at the same time. Otherwise we went to see the ENT doctor last week and he said that he would look at Brayden's throat in 3 months to see if his trach can come out. So everyone pray that Brayden can get his trach out.


catherine said...

cute pics. sorry you didn't have a nurse. I'll be there wednesday so you can get some much needed rest. Give Brayden a kiss and tell him his favorite most reliable nurse will see him soon.

trophygal said...

Hello, my name is Christie and I'm with the Thunder Valley Mustang Club of Chattanooga. I am involved through a friend of mine with the Car & Bike Show that we are putting on in honor of BRAYDEN. I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know that your family is in our prayers and we will do everything we can to help make this a successful show. I also work at the trophy shop that is donating some awards for the event. It is so good to see the new pictures of Brayden smiling!! It really blessed my day. Best Wishes, Christie