Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2nd Annual Benefit Ride for Brayden

We are working on Braydens 2nd annual benefit ride and we have set a date and place. August 1st, registration starting at 10 am, at Walgreens in Ringgold, GA. (same place as last year). They have a pretty big area and things turned out well last year. We are still working on alot of things.

We would love to have a live band this year if anyone knows of any bands that would be willing to help us out, just let me know. We are in need of donations of things to giveaway and things to raffle off. So if you know anyone or have anything you want to donate just let me know. Anything is appreciated no matter how small.

We will have a 50/50 drawing, raffle, and lunch is provided for the riders. We hope to have a bigger and better ride this year. 43 riders last year and we hope to have more this year. The cost is $25 for riders and $5 for passengers.

Brayden will need ongoing therapies and treatments for the rest of his life due to his brain injury. All money raised will be used for Braydens treatments and therapies. We have come a long way in little over a year. Brayden went from being a vegetable to being able to smile and laugh now and is even starting to try and talk. He was able to get rid of his tracheostomy and he is even beginning to be able to try and eat small amounts of food by mouth. He is so much better now thanks to everyone helping to get him the treatments and therapies he needs. None of this would have been possible without everyone's help. We hope everyone continues to pray for Brayden and we thank everyone for their continued support.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Paw Paw from the Roughnecks MC. I just wanted to tell you guys that my fellow club members and myself had a great time on the ride. It was a very good route and as for me it was a ride I needed (working on the national by-laws had me at the edge.) That is what people need to understand, when you take part in a cause like this, it will make you see that the problems you are having are not problems at all. As far as anyone giving us thanks for us blocking intersections, its not needed, its us that need to thank you for allowing us to do this for you. We are a public safety club, we do this at work all the time and most of all we want our cuts to be seen. So thank you for letting us have a small part in your ride. Keep the roughnecks in mind for next year and make sure to get me the date of the ride as soon as it is set and I will put the word out to my brothers in other chapters and see if we can get a few more to come in and take part.
Our thoughts and prayers are with this child.
Phil "Paw Paw" Shankles
Roughnecks MC
President Rossville Chapter