Thursday, May 21, 2009

Feeling Better Now

Well we have finished up all the antibiotics and Brayden is feeling much better now. We have been dealing with diarrhea and an awful diaper rash from the antibiotics this week. Brayden went to the pediatric ophthalmologist to have his eyes checked this week. They said that he can see but they couldn't tell us how much he can see. They said that his eyes looked good and he did not need glasses. That all of his eye control problems are from his brain injury and nothing wrong with his eyes. He still has alot of the upward gaze but his eye control is getting much better and he seems to be focusing on things more. He definantly understands some of what you are saying to him too because if you say something funny to him he will laugh. We are going for another sleep study Saturday night since he didn't sleep on our first try. We hope he goes to sleep! Not much else going on with Brayden right now. He has been enjoying the warm weather because his nurse Debra spoils him rotten and takes him to the park everyday. He loves to be outside. Finally the last day of school is here. The kids are excited and Brayden loves them being here to aggravate him. We are finally getting the pool fixed after the liner got a hole in it. We may try and see what Brayden thinks about getting in the pool. I think he would enjoy some water therapy because he really loves taking a bath and playing in the water kicking and splashing. I will try and to post some pics up when I update on the sleep study. Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend.

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