Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No sleep for Brayden

The sleep study went about the same as the other one. Brayden did not go to sleep until about 2am. and the study is over at 5am so they really didn't get an accurate test done again. But, we are not trying that again. He just can't tolerate being hooked up to all of those wires. We had a great Memorial Day . Curtis got the addition to the deck finished and we got a new swing to go outside. We had a cookout with family and the kids had a blast swimming. We did have some excitement when a big snake was found crawling across the road into our yard. Brayden has been doing good. He has been tasting some foods. He doesn't really like anything in his mouth though. He has been babbling and trying to talk more now. He really isn't saying any words yet but making lots more sounds now. We are hoping all this rain will go away and it will warm up so Brayden can try out the pool.

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