Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Finally an update

A few pics from Our trip to Miracle Mountain

Brayden has been sick, ear infection and strep throat. He has been fussy and staying up all night. Our nursing hours decreased to only 8 hours a day since Brayden no longer has his trach. We are having the nurses come from 3 to 11 because he has been sleeping pretty well until now being sick. Kaitlyn has also been sick with strep. Not much else going on. Just getting started back with therapies. Starting to feed Brayden some tastes of food by mouth, which he does not like. But hopefully he will get used to it again---it has been over 1 year since he had anything in his mouth. We had a good trip to Miracle Mountain in NC. 3 weeks seems like forever being there. But Brayden did good with all of the treatments even though he was sick with coughing and congestion about the whole time we were there. We enjoyed meeting the other families there and thank everyone for the great job they are doing there. We have decided on a date for Brayden's second benefit ride for August 1st. The money raised will be used to help Brayden get more hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We have seen great results from the treatments so far and want to continue them. So any help with the benefit ride is greatly appreciated. I will try to keep updated a little more now that things are back to normal.

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